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Missing Approved items on Needs Purchasing report

My Cub Scout den leaders have (under Quick Entry) marked as completed/approved for dozens of items; but these items are showing under “Needs Approval” report and not under “Needs Purchasing” report. I have checked individual scout records, and they show as both Completed and Approved. Not sure what to do to move them to the Needs Purchasing w/o manually doing it myself. Is there a bug?

I checked this thread, but it’s not quite applicable, as our scouts have had already marked “Approved”: Purchase Order missing items

@JenniferOlinger @jacobfetzer @DonovanMcNeil

they have to be approved to be on purchasing - so approve the items

Usually, I don’t have to Approve - the den leaders do, and they automatically move to the Needs Purchasing report. Has this process changed? Do I manually have to approve after leaders have already approved?

@DarcyStaley - perhaps some screen shots on those items in question may help point to a cause.

As I was grabbing screenshots, one of the den leaders I had spoken with before contacting you just texted me and said she got more items “fully approved”. I can confirm the Needs Approval report is reflecting the change, correctly.

I think what happened is, even though I was talking her through it, she hadn’t actually completed approvals. When I saw 156 items needing approval and she’d confirmed w/ a screenshot she’d already approved, I turned to your help.

Thank you, as always - keep up the good work. @Stephen_Hornak @DonovanMcNeil

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