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Needs purchasing report MIA

For a few weeks now, when a cub earns an adventure loop, the approved loop goes straight to the needs awarding report, skipping the needs purchasing report. I can’t generate a PO since clicking the needs purchasing report button takes me back to the home page. What gives?

Are you an advancement coordinator or unit admin? With the green shield by the position?

Are you also connected to all of the scouts with at least edit advancement permissions?

I am experiencing the same thing. Am I entering things in the wrong order. I enter (or the parent) the requirement as complete in Scoutbook. Then as Den Leader I approve the requirement. When I click on the Needs Purchasing Report it just takes me back to the den home page.

Are you a Pack Admin or pack Advancement Chair? Den Leaders do not normally have access to the Needs Purchasing report.

Are you also marking items as Awarded? Awarded items will bypass the Needs Purchasing report (because there is no need to purchase an item that has already been awarded / presented to the Scout).

I’m also having a problem. I’m the Advancement Chair for a new girls Troop. I’ve entered all the awards and approved them. They show they are approved. There is no option for purchase order on the Report list. Is it an authority issue?

Go to needs purchasing. You select the awards that you need to purchase and click create new purchase order or add to open purchase order.

I don’t have the option Needs Purchasing. I also do advancement for another Troop and I’ve never seen this before. I’m stuck!


Are you a unit admin or listed as Advancement Chair in Scoutbook?

I’m Advancement Chair for this Troop.

I understand that but is the Advancement Chair position listed under My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions? If it is, does it have a green shield with check mark?

That’s it. I was never approved as the Advancement Chair. I’m able to put the advancements in and I can even approve them. I thought it might be an authority problem. Thank you guys very much!