Missing cubs on scoutbook

Yes, other transfers DO still show up. Basically every scout except two new registrations were a transfer.

Twelve (12) of the remaining 14 scouts were transfers from Pack 12. Two are new registrations.

I’m pulling up my records to see if this might be related, but one set of Scouts was transferred using paper applications when the new Unit was formed. Then the remaining Scouts were transferred using the new feature in my.Scouting.

I’m digging to see if there is a matching pattern here.

When was the Pack 13 charter fully processed? Does Pack 12 still exist?

Did you manually transfer them in scoutbook or let it happen automatically when their official transfer was processed?

I’m looking for a root cause to report to developers in addition to looking for the best solution to your issue.

I have confirmed that all of the Scouts that were added via the paper applications during the unit creation phase are the ones that have disappeared.

Pack 13 charter was completed on (or around) January 26th when I turned in the final document to the registrar.

Pack 12 exists on paper but currently has no scouts. I am still listed as Cubmaster for Pack 12. In Scoutbook only myself and the COR are left in the system. (It’s a long sob story as to how the move from 12 to 13 happened that we don’t need to get into here in a public forum :wink: )

I have verified that there are no youth showing for Pack 12 in either my.Scouting or Scoutbook at this time.

I will also note that I do not have connections to any of the missing scouts anymore in the Connection Manager so wasn’t able to add them back through that route either.

I will also note that I waited until AFTER Pack 12’s recharter was fully completed before forming Pack 13 and transferring any Scouts since I know that can cause its own set of issues.

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Good job anticipating my next question.

Did you manually transfer them in scoutbook or let it happen automatically when their official transfer was processed?

I let everything happen automatically on the back end.

Hmmm, nothing sounds off. It’s possible that there was something that hadn’t quite processed or synched on pack 12 before pack 13 was started, but nothing obvious.

While anything is possible given how messy recharter was this year with system issues, etc. I got notification that my recharter was done on Jan 13 and waited until Jan 26 to do the new unit. So, if anything was lingering in the background it would have been out of my line of sight.

As an experiment, I did the “Transfer in Scout” option for one of the missing scouts and was able to get them to show back up. Their information is in tact, including their payment logs.

I’m not sure if they will stick around or not once the nightly purge happens, but this can let me get my advancement reports done and get to the Scoutshop today to buy awards before my B&G tomorrow. So, unless there is a good reason not to, I’ll go ahead and do this for the remaining missing scouts.

I requested a membership sync for all of the missing scouts. I believe that runs around 3pm CT. So, if you wait until 4 pm to see what happens, it could save you the trouble.

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Oh, I bet this is helpful.

Now that I can see the scout, it shows the Ended reason for the previous Membership:
“DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as AkelaExpiryDate < CharterRenewalDate”

If these dates are out of sync I wonder if they will get purged again.

I saw that. Generally, that message is intended to mean that the scout was dropped at recharter.

Scoutshop closes at 5pm and isn’t open in time in the morning for my event. So I’ll probably go ahead and add them in. But appreciate the sync!

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