SB- Den leader cannot add adventures

On Scoutbook, a den leader can see her roster with the newly registered scouts. However she cannot award them an adventure as they do not appear on this screen. She has full control connection. What else can we check?


Are the Scouts in the proper den in Scoutbook?

Yes they are listed in the correct den and their membership matches the correct den.

Post the DL’s BSA Member ID (MID) (no names) and we will investigate.

Also please include MIDs for a few Scouts she is having trouble with.

DL- 136859637

Scouts- 140616144, 140592875, 140592989

Thank you!

@AshliNewman Is the Den Leader a Den Admin for her assigned den?

Is this user reported or have you seen it fail?

Den admin is not currently listed for this years den. Only previous. How do I add that?

Well she is pack admin so it should not matter. Have you seen it fail for the user?

What do you mean fail for the user?

Have you seen with your eyes this fail for the user? or is the user reporting it to you and might be doing something wrong?

Cause the account looks fine

Den leader sent screenshots of the adventures in coin adventures- the scouts are not listed to be awarded. However they are on her den roster.

hmmmm - Go to unit Roster in Scoutbook > Click their name > click Unit Admin > click Update - that might solve it

I updated admin and added den admin just to be safe. Either way, it is solved. Thank you!

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