Missing MB Counselors from the Council MB list

Recently we noticed that a big chunk of our Troop’s MB councilors are missing from our Council MB list
Any idea why so many people suddenly disappeared nd how to fix this?.

Post a BSA # of one that is missing @DiyanaMiriyala

121349957 is missing

@DiyanaMiriyala that MID has never been registered as an MBC ?? - alot of other things like SM, Committee member, District member, Chair, but never for MBC

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@DiyanaMiriyala on 2/13/20 - the MBC position was ended in Scoutbook because that is the day National took over management of MBCs in SB - and as this user is not an MBC the position was ended

This is very confusing!
I have a copy of his MB application in the troop records. :thinking:

It may not be have been processed by council. I had a similar situation with NOVA mentor. I have the application, but no record in the system.

Re-submit. Depending on the age of the application, you may need a new form.

Also, I would reach out to the council and confirm status on all of the other MBCs you mentioned. It’s possible that either they weren’t processed on the council side, they were processed but assigned a new BSA ID, so don’t align with the Scoutbook accounts, or that they got dropped for what appeared to be lack of training. Some councils are requiring all MBCs to complete the MBC position training, in addition to YPT to stay registered.

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Thank you all!
I’ll reach out to our council.

@DiyanaMiriyala - and the MBC role is subject to renewal by council. My council sends a confirmation request prior to the mid-year end of the scouting year.

or at least is supposed to. :grin:

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So the MBC’s won’t be on the District Recharter?

@AnthonyArrowsmith it just depends on how your Council manages MBCs. Some do it by Council, some by District.

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