Merit Badge Counselor in our Troop Disappeared

I have one leader in our Troop (ASM) that is also a MB Counselor who was working with Scouts in our Troop but has since disappeared as their assigned Counselor. When I searched for him, he is no longer showing up either by searching his name or by Merit Badge. I’m still seeing him in his role with the Troop, but can not link him to the Scouts he is working with in a Counselor role.

This has also happened with a parent in the Troop who is a MB Counselor. She was also working with Scouts, and approved items on Aug 4 through Scoutbook, but is no longer linked to the Scouts, assigned as their Counselor, nor is showing up when searched.

Any ideas as to why this has happened, or how to fix it?

@KristinAdams - could you post the BSA ID of both people.

First guess is YPT expired - if you post BSA # we can look

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I have access to the ASM’s, and his YPT doesn’t expire until 11/5/22, BSA #: 125992620.

For the Parent/Counselor, since they are not registered with the Troop, I don’t have her BSA number or her YPT date. But I do know she was approved as a MB Counselor in February this year, so she would have done her YPT while doing her application, thus her YPT should still be good too. I’ll reach out to her for her BSA # as well as our Merit Badge Dean and post her BSA # as soon as I get a response.

What MB were they working?

Not sure what happened - I have set a sync for today after 4pm - you will have to reset connections for scouts

ASM was working with a few Scouts in Photography, had just been approved for Exploration and was set to work with a few Scouts on finishing it up from Summer Camp, and I think that was all.

Parent was working with several Scouts on Gardening and Insect Study, plus was adding 3 more to Insect Study, and was about to start working on Enivo. Sci and Sustainability with Scouts next week.

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you. I’ll let you know if he doesn’t show up, and I’ll post the Parent’s BSA # once I get it.

@DonovanMcNeil The Parent’s BSA # is 136231739 and YPT doesn’t expire until 2023. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Also, any idea why this happened, or if this is happening in other Councils?

@KristinAdams that persons MBC ended 6/30/21 as a registration

My council had a mass disappearance of MBCs in the roster in April. These were folks I know are registered because I actively verify that with the council regularly. I suspect that, given the date, it was most likely one of two things: the council didn’t make contact with the MBC to verify they wanted to continue, or the MBC never responded.

My recommendation is that every MBC actively reach out to the council to verify that they are, and intend to continue to be, registered as a MBC, and for which badges.

@DonovanMcNeil wouldn’t Merit Badge Counselor’s registration run with Council recharter? If so, our Council recharter goes to 12/31/21, so I’m not understand why she would have her MBC ending 6/30/21, or why she was able to sign off on Scout’s work in Scoutbook on Aug 8, 2021.

@CharleyHamilton I know our Merit Badge Dean reaches out to all the Counselors registered to see if they want to continue during rechartering. If they don’t respond, then they are dropped. But as I mentioned to @DonovanMcNeil , our recharter is in December. This MBC put her application in at the beginning of this year, was approved in February (she sent me the email she got), and was able to log in and be linked to Scouts in August. If our recharter doesn’t happen until December, why would both these Counselors have issues of disapperaing and be marked as ending 6/30/21?

A lot of councils do their Council and district renewals separately from units. My council (GGAC) does units 12/31 and all others 6/30


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@KristinAdams - remember that MBC is not tied to the unit charter date as it is not a unit registration.


I’m aware that MBC is a Council position, not Unit. I know our Units and District recharter in December, and what I remember is that our Council recharters at that time too, but I’ve sent an email out to verify that just in case I’m wrong. But I also verified with our Merit Badge Dean that our Councilors should be registered until Dec 31, 2021 once approved. So I guess that is why I’m not understanding why her approval was only done until 6/30/21.

@KristinAdams my best guess on both of these 2 is they are council positions 6/30 is end of scouting year nationally. On the first one best guess is he had a council MBC that ended AND a District MBC that is still active but confused system.

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I’ve heard back from Blue Ridge Mountains Council and their Charter is good until Dec 31, 2021, just as our District and Unit is. But they will be researching why these MBCs would have been dropped 6/30/21 and get it fixed on their side.

Thank you all for you help once again. Hope everyone has a good Labor Day tomorrow!

Same in our council. Offset by 6 months.


I have a similar issue. My wife does not show up in SB when doing a general MBC search in our council (LVAC). She was there then she was gone…
I was able to do a work around. Going to her connections page she was able to search for the scout by his BSA# and last name and connect with him that way. I tried to locate her doing another general MBC search after connecting to the scout. She still does not show up.
Her BSA# is 13349463. She is in My.Scouting as a MBC thru 6/30/2022.


@RobertFerguson the position is in SB - I suggest she log in and see her settings under My Account > My Positions > MBC - she might be marked Busy or something