Approved Merit Badge Counselor

Hi, I received the following message and I’m wondering why my name was deleted as an approved MBC.
BSA ID#136727974

@SameeraZia - have you reached out to your council

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You don’t appear to Have ever been a registered merit badge counselor under your spelling of your name. It is possible your council registered you under a misspelled name. I’d suggest talking to them.


This is a constant mess that Scoutbook / National keeps doing. I am a Unit Leader and MB Counselor and received the same notice. My connection to some scouts I was working with from a neighbor town unit got summarily dropped.

Our poor council registrar is going crazy as it seems as though periodically national purges the list. Our council / district has reverted to blue cards because of this.

It is hard to remain cheerful when stuff like this keeps happening… so I will keep my less helpful comments to myself.

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Post your BSA ID. I don’t think it is National purging accounts. I think there is some other misunderstanding.

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@JoseOrdinas-Lewis that sounds like Council uploading files without checking them throughly


Hi Donovan - So an entire council is being purged it is a problem with the council registrar… obviously if that is possible and other councils are experiencing issues with this, national / scout book developers should be holding up a mirror and reviewing the user interface - instead of blaming the user… (Classic IT attitude…)

@JoseOrdinas-Lewis - the MBC list is maintained by each council NOT National.


Hi Matt - my BSA ID is 128543504

Here is an example of a youth I was working with (in my unit, so I still have access as the unit leader) where I was also explicitly connected as the MB Counselor. You can see I approved requirement 1(c)(1) and 1(c)(2) as the counselor, and today I see the link at the top to Invite Counselor…

@Stephen_Hornak I understand that the list is maintained by council and I have worked with our district advancement coordinator to update the MBC list for leaders associated with my unit and he works with our council registrar (I know that MBC is not a unit position, which is why it is maintained by council to allow for non-unit related MBCs.)

When I have reached out to the council registrar she is quite frustrated with the situation - even if it is something she is doing wrong, it should not be that easy for a registrar to remove all MBCs.

@JoseOrdinas-Lewis As I stated talk to council - they lapsed your MBC position - you are no longer registered as an MBC


@JoseOrdinas-Lewis - this ^^^^ which is what I was trying to note

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Thanks for that information.

I take it there is a “grace period” which expired last night.

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USually there is a 60 day grace yes - with all the recharter stuff might have been 90

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I wonder what went wrong all of a sudden. We have a MBU this weekend which will become a task if the error is not fixed.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I am working with the District who is checking with TAC to resolve this issue.

@SameeraZia - i would have as an MBC followed the instructions in the email that you posted originally.

It would appear that your council did not renew the registrations of the merit badge counselors. That needs to be done each year. There usually is a 60 day grace period, but it appears that it was much longer this year. In my council, all the 2021 registrations got dropped a few days ago. If this happened to all the council’s merit badge counselors (and maybe others on the council charter), have the registrar renew the registrations of the merit badge counselors that have said they want to continue for another year.

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It is now fixed at Council level but I still don’t see any of our Counselors in scoutbook. Can you please check TAC BSA T36.

@SameeraZia - where are you looking for the counselors ? They will not be in the units leader list specifically as MBC.

In scoutbook under Merit Badge Counselors. I can see all in our District but not ours and we could do before.