Missing MBCounselors on Search 2.0

I submitted a Topic about not being able to find MBCounselors in the Search. I know the Counselor is registered tot he Council and had Merit Badges assigned to them in Scoutbook. But when they are searched on they do not show up. We have multiple Counselors who do not seem to be searchable. In my original submission I was told by
Edavignon – Scoutbook User Advisory Council on 1/23/23 the following
I don’t see anything wrong with MID 14167414 data in Scoutbook. We will need to ask the developers to investigate.

I have not heard back on this issue. Is there a resolution to this?

An example Counselor is
UserID: 12371389
BSAMemberID: 14167414


Have you tried to search for these MBCs recently? Developers tell me the issue is fixed.

I just tried searching with the following:

Michael Lomas 04543 any distance

And came back with No Results. Still not working




Michael Lomas’s MBC registration expired on 12/31/22. I do not know if there is a grace period for MBCs but I will ask.

Is MID 14167414 working now? This will tell us quickly if there is a grace period as his MBC registration also expired 12/31/22.

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He does show up! So, Michael needs to get his YPT up to date.




Michael’s YPT expires 2024. I have asked the developers to investigate.

Have all of the issues been worked out? I’m trying to link to an MBC (BSA ID 129309514) and cannot get her record pulled up.


I don’t see any reason for this MBC to be excluded from searches. I have notified the developers.

Scout book support made a fix which showed some of the missing MBCs in the search, but not all. They are looking into it further to see what the issue is.

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