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Missing "Needs Purchasing" report missing

I am a validated (green shield icon) advancement chair and have printed several purchase orders before. However, when I go to print my purchase orders for today (after creating a purchase order) I went to print them and they are now missing. They are also missing under the “needs awarding” any idea where these may have gone or how to get them back? Looking for these as awards are Monday.

Also missing under closed orders.

Are you or a part of more than one unit as a parent or leader?

Can you check that you still have at least edit advancement connections to all scouts? What is you role in this unit? Are you a unit admin?

Did someone mark them as Awarded? Awarded items will not show up on the Needs Purchasing or Needs Awarding Reports, because there is no need to purchase or award something that has already been awarded / presented to the Scout.

Lindsay- my first guess follows along with the issue that they may have been marked as awarded. I would suggest an audit report for the unit with a 60 day range as well as an export of scout rank data from the unit web page. Once you have both you may be able to determine what occurred. Beyond that I can certainly try a screen share later tonight…perhaps at say 7pm EST. If that works please email and let me know.