Missing Private Forums

I am about to hold training for my other adult leaders on how helpful Scoutbook can be. Most have never used it and previous leadership used troop master. When I logged in to my forums to double-check what I would show my adult leaders I noticed an oddity. I have three forums in the legacy listing, but I only have two in the standard. However, I am linked as COR to 4 units. Shouldn’t I have four forums in both areas?

Angela Haggerty
COR Saint Francis Episcopal Church
Crew 150, Troop 150G, Troop 153B, Pack 153F

The simple answer is they do not work. Some units have them others do not, some members of units are in them some are not. There is a story in the backlog to fix, we have no idea if or when they will be worked on. VERY FEW units use the forums.

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You need to enable it on the settings page of internet advancement

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