Mixed Up Accounts

I am extremely frustrated right now. I have spent a good 30 minutes trying to find a phone number to call someone and get this fixed.

Somehow, we believe when I took YPT, my login got associated with another Thomas Ferguson from another state. No idea how the system allowed it, but here we are. I called support several months ago and was told I was just using the wrong login and that it wasn’t me. Yet, I had the login and was on the account and could see the YPT training I had taken. I agreed to disagree, started using the new login, re-took training and thought all was good. I am now the scoutmaster and just went in to complete the paperwork for our badges for a court of honor Monday and it is populating information from the wrong ID! Since it crosses between councils, my local office can’t do anything because they don’t have access to the other ID.

I need help sooner than later to get this corrected. How do we actually get to someone who can look into the problem and fix it?

Well what City State do you live in and we can take a look

you have at least one other BSA # 13242873 - your council can fix this for you

It also looks like your council has not fully processed your recharterr? or is that the YPT ? your is valid till 9/26/21 so they could recharter you.

I was copied on an e-mail about the recharter, there seems to be some confusion over a couple of our scouts and one of the adult leaders. That isn’t the issue I am trying to get fixed. The issue I am trying to resolve is that between being a cub leader for a pack in another area, a parent in a different pack/troop, and now the scoutmaster, multiple accounts were created for me. I am trying to get them cleaned up. The current issue is shown in the two attached images. Even though my local council is set as primary, I still have a record from someone in Colorado…I have never lived in Colorado. The last time I tried to talk to support about it, they told me I was doing something wrong. I believe this extends beyond these two accounts, but I can’t get in touch with anyone that can help me review all of the records and get it fixed.

ok do you always use your EDU email? not an AOL one?

OK I cleared the Pikes one - please try again

Thank you!

Now when I go to manage my ID I just have the correct one listed. If I look at my profile here: My Scouting it is all correct. However, if I go into my Troop and pull up my profile there, (https://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/dashboard/admin/editprofile.asp?ScoutUserID=&UnitID=&DenID=&PatrolID=) it had all of the Colorado information, which I have corrected. EXCEPT the e-mail address, which is “changeyouremail@scoutbook.com”. When I click on that to update it and try to enter my .EDU address, it won’t let me and says that e-mail is already in use. (FYI, not sure why you asked about an AOL address, but I haven’t had one of those in over 20 years, and even then I didn’t use it for anything much).

Big thank you to both Donovan and Jennifer who helped me get this all straightened out. I really appreciate the help that both of you provided.

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