Two accounts created

Need assistance. Have a youth scout with our troop for a year. The parent could log in to see the child’s account.

THEN, the parent decided to register as a leader last week. They did this online as requested by CC. Now they can no longer see their child’s account.

Was told there are now TWO separate BSAID numbers. What a nightmare. Called council who said they can NOT merge the two accounts since the USERID is an email. Why did the system accept a USERID which was incompatible? How can this be fixed for this volunteer?

@BradleyStrunk post the parents BSA # and we can look

BSA ID originally 133167516

Newer BSA ID 140371811

How t can they change their username? I was told that it can’t be an email address

By the way, I would like to change my username also but I don’t know how. Don’t want this username

The User is cleaned up - your council has old info or is confused - the user has the Sign in with Google turned on and is setup fine.

You do not change Username once established - it would take national intervention


You can switch your login to use Google Login or Apple ID but to change your BSA username, you would need to contact your Council and ask them to open a ticket with National IT on your behalf.

Well, thank you very much.
I didn’t even know you could do this.

When I look at her I can not see her address. I used to see her address under Scoutbook. Now, it’s gone for Wendy under the connection to Sydney

@BradleyStrunk That is fixed

Thank you!!!
I have another leader who switched councils and might need to be fixed. She is now part of the Piedmont Council in Mooresville, NC


Plus another youth who might need her old nights of camping and badges merged with her current troop
BSAID 136313554

New council Piedmont Mooresville NC

Old council Monterey Bay California
Silicon Valley, quick silver district

@BradleyStrunk I am looking in to this for you.

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@BradleyStrunk The adult leader (BSA 14848829) has 3 usernames at my.scouting:

e-mail address

If she could pick one username to keep, we can retire the other two.

@BradleyStrunk The Scout only has 1 Scoutbook account (userID), so there isn’t anything for us to merge.

I am also having issues with Scoutbook. I have tried to self-resolve to no avail. My scoutbook shows IDs 128151116 & 110220419. I tried logging into, but it only shows 110220419 and when I try to add either 128151116, it claims it does not match the user profile. this is despite that id being clearly linked and listed in Scoutbook. Any and all assistance is appreciated.

@ScottButts - are you referring to when you look at your account in scoutbook under your photo, council patch and leadership patch. If so, the top number is a scoutbook user ID number

@ScottButts I am cleaning this up - you need to use your non- email username - give me a few minutes to clear things up and I will tell you.

@ScottButts that is fixed - use the user name ##########77 - I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up your children. When they look up your children, they want to check your children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that your children are connected to you as parent with Only your correct BSA member ID number - the one ending in 419

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I appreciate your help @DonovanMcNeil. I will reach out to them with your advice also. We were unable to get assistance with them prior.


Can you also advise why the scoutbook admin for unit 888 cannot get my permissions fixed as a leader and not just a parent? I get invites to allow me to, but they seem to stay stuck as pending. I did as you instructed and logged into, and can see all of my IDs.


@ScottButts that is fixed now too - the wrong BSA # was on the account

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