Scoutbook app up to date but web is not

Our (youth and adult accounts) scoutbook apps are up to date with contact info, training, advancement, etc.

When we log in on the web or the advancement t web contact information is wrong, training is missing, and advancement is not up to date.

Concerned we will loose all the mobile app data that is correct.

How do we fix and is anyone else having this issue?

There is no training stored in Scoutbook or the App - so not sure what you are speaking of

@JohnMutchler - perhaps some screen shots of what you are seeing in the app vs web

There is a training pull in app from - forgot about that - but that is my.scouting data not scoutbook, they are different

Training refers to rank, merit badges and activities for youth, for adults training shows up on main page under completions. In the past the mobile app and website for scout book both matched.

I can try and take some later but in the past both the mobile app and web matched. Now the app is up to date and the web is not. Is there an official help desk for scout book?

Just found report an issue under settings

@JohnMutchler - the red scouting app is not for unit management. It is for scout and parent

Training, advancement (e.g. rank and MBs), and activities are three very different things, and really should not be conflated, as they are tracked in very different ways.

Training is reported and tracked at my.scouting using (for example) the Training Manager. This could include for youth things like ILST or NYLT, or even for older youth completion of first aid and Leave No Trace Trainer training. For some training, the unit may enter completion (e.g. ILST) but for others run at a council level (e.g. NYLT), one should expect that the council enters this training, at least under ideal circumstances.

Advancement is managed (at the unit level) either through the Scoutbook or IA2 interfaces. The Scouting app provides a way for a scout or parent to enter advancement as “Completed”, but it is still subject to review and Leader Approval, which can only be done via the Scoutbook or IA2 interfaces by a registered leader with the relevant connection permissions.

Activity logs can be entered for individual activities via the Scouting app, but those activities are subject to approval in IA2 (to which the logs were transferred from Scoutbook quite some time ago). This can only be done by registered leaders with the relevant registered or functional positions, a much shorter list than for the old Scoutbook-based activity logs.

It’s difficult to determine where (or if) any bug exists given the level of detail provided. If you can be specific about where you are seeing conflicts (not including names, but BSA IDs would be helpful in this regard), the SUAC folks might be able to help identify whether the behavior being seen is as intended, if there is simply a lag of some sort, or if there is an underlying bug.


@JohnMutchler - is it this:

Disregard, I logged back into the scoutbook mobile app, the web dashboard, my scouting, and internet advancement to take screen shots.

All now match, not sure why this morning they did not.

I can also update information now and this morning I could not.

Sorry for the confusion.


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There was a hardware issue this morning on Akela, one of the BSA’s DBs that Scoutbook relies on. The bad hardware was replaced and the issues with Scoutbook resolved themselves.


@JohnMutchler - just to clarify … there is NO scoutbook mobile app

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