Modular Design AOL not on purchase order

I ran into an issue recently with Modular Design AOL showing as being earned and is in the needs awarded report, but doesn’t show up on the needs purchasing report to add it to a PO. I will end up just requesting the award from my Council, but wanted to make sure that you all were aware of the issue.


An award will not appear on Needs Purchasing if any the following are true:

  1. Award not marked leader approved
  2. Award is on a previous Purchase Order
  3. Award is marked Awarded

Please check these to see if that is what is happening.

Isn’t that one that does not have an ITEM/Award to present other than a certificate?


You are correct. From

“There are no adventure loops or pins to purchase for this adventure.”

Ugh. I didn’t remember that it didn’t have a pin. That makes sense. Is there a specific reason why the
certificate couldn’t be included on the PO or the advancement report? That’s generally what’s used for purchasing, so if it’s not on one or the other, it’s going to get overlooked.

I thought the certificate was something you just printed in this instance?

I don’t see a printable certificate online, but I also don’t see one to purchase from Scoutshop either. I’ll check with my local Council. Thanks for your help!

We think the certificate went away when the sponsorship of the adventure ended?

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Thank you! You saved me from searching in vain. lol

@MelissaVallet - not exactly a bug then…

lol It’s the only Pack Adventure with no corresponding pin. It does show up on the Needs Awarding Report. Perhaps that’s the bug, since there’s nothing to actually award them with?

It shows up on the Needs Awarding Report and the Cub Scout Recognition Report as a reminder to recognize the Scout.

It does not show up on the Needs Purchasing Report / Purchase Order because there is nothing to purchase.

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