Multi-den messages


When sending messages to one den, it takes me to a URL like:
which pre-selects the leaders and parents for that one den.

Often times, I want to message more than one den without messaging the whole pack (e.g., send information about a 2-den event). While I can manually select all the relevant people from the second den, it’s somewhat tedious.

Perhaps the DenID query parameter could accept multiple DenID values. For example:

Or perhaps a new URL query parameter that accepts a list of Den IDs.

Having an option to pick multiple dens in the UI would be fine too, but I assume updating the URL parameter handling would be considerably easier.


I agree this would be a great add to “basic” Scoutbook.

You can do this right now, though, with the Patrol/Den Selection List in the messaging tool of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. It’s been very useful for me in the past when patrols wanted to do stuff together.

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