Multiple accounts associated with the same email address

I’m hoping this is the right place to finally get a resolution.

When I joined BSA last year, I created an account with a username and password.
The next time, I logged in, I used the “Login with Google” option.
Apparently, this created two different accounts:

(1) Member ID: 14100140
User username/password

(2) Member ID: 14104670
Using Google auth

I tried for several months to get this resolved with our Council support, to no avail.

The account I use, and that is linked to my training and child, is the second (14104670).
I really never used the initial account. It can go away, as far as I’m concerned.

Hoping to find answers.
Thanks in advance!

@Amburn_DixonMichael I am checking.

@Amburn_DixonMichael this is fixed - I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up your children. When they look up your children, they want to check your children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that your children are connected to you as parent with your correct BSA member ID number - the 670 one and remove them from the other number

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