I have 2 user accounts

Hi, I have 2 user accounts in Scoutbook. The BSA Member ID for one is 140156476. The BSA member ID for the other is 13612520. I am not sure which I should keep. I have 2 sons, one in Troop 14 and one in Pack 14 in San Francisco. With ID 13612520 I can see my son in Pack 14, but I don’t see my son in Troop 14. I would like all my trainings like YPT training, Livescan, etc, to be evident. Any help that someone can provide is appreciated.

I posted last night before I realized I had 2 accounts as I was seeing the warning about someone else using my email address to login. I’m sure these 2 issues are related.

Thank you!

@joevlasak You have 3 BSA member numbers:

  • 140156476 - Has your adult leader registration and functional role. This is the one you should be using.
  • 13612520 - Has your Tiger Adult Partner registration and your parent / child Relationships with one child.
  • 131198383 - Has expired Tiger Adult Partner registration and your parent / child Relationships with a different child.

I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up both of your children. In your children’s “Relationships” section, they should be connected to you under BSA member number 140156476. They should remove your other BSA member numbers as parents.

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@JenniferOlinger I will do that thank you so much for your help.

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I have the same issue with having another person using my email address. Can you please fix?

@MelissaWalther that is fixed

Thank you for your response.

I have two accounts created for me, 14340432 and 14339874. I managed to get the access to both, through BSA login username/password and google login respectively. I’d like to have the account 14340432 deleted. Since both of my accounts are pretty empty now I’d like to have a real account deletion to avoid potential confusion for future. It isn’t clear to me if the action was a real account deletion or a disconnection from child(ren) for the cases earlier in the thread. Thank you!

Additional info: I just noticed that my two accounts seem in different statuses. The “Delete Connection” button is shown in my child’s “Modify Connected Adult” page for my 14339874, but not for 14340432. I don’t really know what the difference means.

@WilliamYan do you want the Google log in or the other?

I too have made an error. I was trying to give my son access to his Scoutbook account and have managed to mess it up. I tried to read how to fix it. There was a suggestion to delete the one account. Based on what I see here it’s not possible. I would like him to be linked to my account so, I can still access his account.
Thank you!
BSA ID for Nate (my son) is 136263588 BSA ID for Edward (me) 13011431
His User IDs are 10006951 and 12945272

@EdwardBoytim that is fixed

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I’d like to keep the one with Google login (id 14339874). I didn’t respond promptly because my local council member tried to help me. The current state is I could add the other id under “Manage Member ID” in my.scouting, but still got the warning of two accounts associated with a single email. Can you help to delete/deactivate id 14340432? Thank you!

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