Multiple Accounts October 2023

I have Scout with multiple accounts that need to be merged OR have account #2 deleted. I know some of this has to be done by an admin. How best to proceed? Thanks as always!

Acct 1:

  • Scoutbook User ID 6860538
  • BSA Member ID 140173415 [corrected BSA member ID number]
  • Also shows “Previous BSA Member ID” 135302319

Acct 2:

  • Scoutbook ID 13062983
  • BSA Member ID 140173407. (Does not match either )

@JohnRoberts9 When we merge Scoutbook accounts, overall completions that are approved will merge. However, individual requirements will not merge.

Are these the Scoutbook userIDs that you want to keep? Or do you want to look at both before deciding?

Thanks Jennifer. I think Acct 1 has everything but I will check and revert to this thread.

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@JohnRoberts9 Looks like some merit badge requirements that you might want to keep.

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