Multiple adult accounts, scout taken over adult account

I have a mom with 2 accounts that need to be merged. (removed by Moderator) BSA ID 13791142 and (removed by Moderator) BSA ID 136283762. Email to be used: (removed by Moderator)

At the same time…the scout has now taken over the adult account. Those need to be separated and the icloud email changed for the scout. (removed by Moderator) BSA 136283761 Email to be used: (removed by Moderator)

Troop 1920, Seneca Waterways Council

Thanks for helping out a scoutmaster that is out of her depth.

FYI, this is a world-readable public forum, so you want to avoid posting names and email/phone numbers/PII. Generally, the Scoutbook User Advisory Council folks only need BSA Member ID to investigate, but can set up a private chat to get more information.

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