Adult Leader wtih multiple BSA IDs, unable to merge


I have an adult leader who was assigned BSA ID 137270376 some time ago when his adult reg form was processed. He did not connect to this account in Scoutbook for many months. When he finally tried to connect this month, he got a message that his account was not set up for BSA SSO.

He has a second account in Scoutbook for BSA ID 136048715 that was set up previously for him to use as a parent. He seems to be able to access that profile. It has a different first name and email address than the adult leader account (the leader account has his legal first name, the parent account has the name he goes by).

He has not been able to merge these accounts, presumably because the first name and emails don’t match.

Can this issue be addressed on the back end?

@DouglasScoville the Scoutbook accounts are merged

I can not figure out how to make a new post, but I need a leader/parent Scoutbook accounts merged too.

SB user ID 10420490 with BSA ID 13452743 (on my.scouting roster and has training, does not have an email address in SB) This is linked to younger son and leadership position.
SB user ID 10382154 with BSA ID 13452666 (has the correct email address) This is linked to oldest son.

Would he call council to merge the BSA IDs?

@KatherineBynum the SB Users are merged - yes council can deal with the MIDs

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