Multiple BSA Accounts with same email


I am new to the Scout Forum, so I am not sure if this is the right place to post. But I have multiple BSA IDs and now when I log into to ScoutBook it says another account is using my email. I also can no longer see my 2 children in ScoutBook.

BSA Number: 13624043 (I think this is the correct one)
BSA Number: 137380952 (I think this is is connected to my kids, but I can log on with it)
BSA Number: 134997269 (no idea what this is)

My two children (BSA number 134997268); (BSA number 137380951)

Can someone please merge all of my BSA accounts and connect them to my scouts?

Thank you,
Rob Cooley

@RobertCooley this is fixed

Wow. That was easy. Thank you!

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