Possible Duplicate Account

Hello Scoutbook Gurus!

I started getting a message that another user is using the same email address, I think that I picked up an extra BSA ID at some point so it may need to be merged or deleted. My Primary BSA ID is 135066755, Scoutbook User # 9764590. Could someone please take a look?

Thanks for everything you do!
Barry Halloran

@BarryHalloran I only see one instance of the email

I have a parent that has 2 Scoutbook accounts. One is his account as a registered leader, BSA #14228760, the second has the same email, but is his parent accounts (linked to his 2 scouts, one of his scouts can be found at BSA# 137140281). Can you please merge his Scoutbook accounts, and let me know the second BSA#, so he can consolidate his my.scouting.org accounts also.

@JillBarr this is done and the father already had the MIDs under management

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