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Multiple BSA IDs, again

I’m the merit badge dean for our district, and trying to do more registrations through the online system. My early attempts are not going well. . . .

I have an adult who is a dad, registered with a troop, and a merit badge counselor. Did an online registration for MBC. The new position generated a new BSA ID. According to my.scouting.org-> manage member ID, his new BSA ID is listed/merged with his previous BSA ID, but in Scoutbook all he has is merit badge counselor. He can’t see his kids or his troop. Can anyone help?

Primary BSA ID: 133738015
MBC (new) BSA ID: 13790448

Well he is MBC under both MIDs but under 2 councils - what council are you in?

It is better is for an MBC to only be registered in one council and set listing preference in Scoutbook to Worldwide. This prevents an issue with two Scoutbook accounts. The BSA allows a Scout to work with any registered MBC regardless of which Council the Scout and MBC are registered in.


We’re National Capital Area Council.

His intent isn’t to be registered in both Councils. They moved here. Maybe his application to transfer his membership to the new troop didn’t process? But then why could he see the troop before the MBC application hit the system?

Well it looks like the OLD MID (133738015) - that WAS Colonial Virginia was moved to NCAC - that is his ASM Registration. I would have council merge the 2 MIDs to one - the reason he does not see Troop is cause he is using Manage member ID and has the other one as primary.

Just want to make sure I understand. You’re recommending the council merge 133718015 and 13790448? I thought that was what Manage Member ID is supposed to do?

Not questioning your advice, just trying to understand the systems better in the hopes of avoiding similar problems. We get a lot of Scouters moving in and out of our council.

manage member ID basically draws lines between MIDs - councils can do more when the MIDs are in their council

Got it! Thank you I really appreciate all the time you spend on these forums helping us out!

I will merge the SB accounts to have the one 8015 MID - and fix the log in

Was permission obtained from the person who had two member ID numbers to share those numbers with everyone on this forum?

I would think that protecting personal information, even if it’s as innocuous as someone’s BSA membership ID, should be observed. Hopefully those ID numbers shown “were changed to protect the innocent”.

Dave, The folks here need these ID numbers to fix problems that is why we are asked to post only the MID numbers and not anything else. If they are changed to protect the innocent the problems can not be fixed.

So, just to be clear on this, anything sent in this forum in the form of a request for help or an observation gets posted regardless of content? You have no way to edit out information or content better left unpublished?
Wouldn’t something like this be better handled in a private, one on one, conversation?

@DaveDamp - when Admins see things that should not have been posted (ex. Name, DOB, perhaps city) we erase it. Admins also often start private messages to deal with user issues. There is no PII in BSA # for a user.

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Thank you for clarifying