Need help merging two BSA IDs

Hi folks!

(removed by Moderator) accidentally created two BSA IDs. We’re hoping someone can help merge them together.

12835895 → Primary (registered position)
14286893 → Duplicate

I tried to fix this for her in my,, but it said the profiles don’t match.

She is a Troop Committee Member (T761) in National Capital Area Council (82).

Dan Golding

@DanielGolding I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts.

Please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up her child (or children). In the “Relationships” tab / section, they should remove her as parent under her secondary BSA member ID number: 133471958. They should add her as parent under her primary BSA MID: 12835895. This will help to prevent future issues.

@DanielGolding, I have the same issue. I was told to add, and then it transferred, too. I talked to the Council and Troop but still haven’t resolved it. I am calling tomorrow to try to take care of a couple of issues we have had since moving up to Scouts from Cubs.

@SkyeHitt What issue are you having? You do not appear to have a duplicate account.

My son J. does. The one that starts with 14 isn’t correct. Also, I have registered, been approved and paid to be an Adult Leader. It was activated for one day and disappeared. I haven’t been able to get anything done through our Council or Charter contact. They said it was a payment issue, but I sent receipt. Then it still wasn’t settled. SM said it could be on his end because he and COR approved me but they haven’t been able to resolve the issue. This has been since March. I recently completed online training for MB counselor and am submitting application so need my original status corrected.
Thank you,
Skye Hitt

@SkyeHitt Yes, I see 2 BSA member ID numbers for your son J.

The one ending in -292 is the one I would recommend keeping, because that is the one with his registration history.

He is also registered and paid in the same troop and council under the BSA number ending in -597. I would recommend contacting your local council and see if they can end this registration, because it is a duplicate. You might also be able to request a refund on this duplicate registration.

After his registration issues are worked out, we can merge his Scoutbook accounts.

With regard to your adult application issues, I would recommend working with your COR and your local council.