Multiple BSA IDs

I have a merit badge counselor who is showing up in my.scouting with the BSA ID 131493861
But he’s in scoutbook with the BSA ID 13182779

He tried using Manage Member ID to merge, but got an error that said “The provided member id does not match the existing user profile.”

Is this something you can force through?

@LynnCrochetiere we will look at it

@LynnCrochetiere this is fixed - the user needs to be using the user name and password - NOT email to log in - it is (first Initial)(middle initial)(lastname)

I’ll pass that along. Thank you!

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You very kindly helped me with a leader who had multiple BSA IDs about 2 days ago. You merged his IDs and told him to log on with his user name, not email address. I’d have asked this follow-up on that thread, but it’s already closed.

Despite the merge being apparently successful, he’s not seeing all of his training under his prime BSA ID (134193861). Severe weather, safety afloat, and safe swim defense are still only showing up under 13180779. (And I know he shouldn’t be using that BSA ID anymore after the merge, but he’s heading to Sea Base next week and very concerned that they’re not going to believe he’s appropriately trained. So we went looking for the training.)

Am I misunderstanding what happens when BSA IDs are merged?

@LynnCrochetiere I am looking in to this.

Is this the other thread for the same adult leader?

@LynnCrochetiere This adult leader’s training should be fixed, although you might need to wait until tomorrow for everything to sync up.

131493861 - primary BSA member number
13182779 - secondary number

Marvelous! Thank you!