Multiple BSA member number

The scout book account i log in with is attached to email with a district number 13181222 and Was registered in the Mediterranean District under Zip 09603. I have since updated my profile to say I’m in the Mayflower district under under zip 09464.

The account that TAC has me registered with now that I have moved to the Mayflower district has no email attached with a zip of 09464 and is district number 135931210

Can we merge the two accounts together. This would be ideal so all my training from the one i log in with will transfers to the one I am currently registered under. Thank you for the help

We can do nothing with BSA #s and that is where training is - you can log into > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to and log in using your credentials - the trick on training is to set one primary for over 24 hours and then the other primary for over 24 hours - then both get the same training.

On SB we can merge them but I suggest first getting this done, then asking us to merge - as which one is set primary will effect your login

Once you have the training sync’d up with the Manage Member ID trick, your council’s registrar can consolidate your within-council member IDs. If they are across councils, you still have to do the manage Member ID trick, but within a council, you should be able to get down to one member ID.

Logged into and clicked manage my member number and nothing showed up. I tried to add my member number but it says it failed due to my name not being filled out. The member number 13181222 is what I would like my primary one to be. it is the one I have been using the last 5/6 years and all my training is under and is the one I use when logging into scout book. Is was not until I filled out my paperwork to become a den leader here in England that the 135931210 ID became a thing and I have not used that one because I did not know it existed until my council tried to pull me over from pack 219 to pack 215. The biggest issue is TAC has associated me with ID 135931210 and my council can’t pull me because there is no email attached with that ID. If TAC could delete that ID and update it to ID 13181222 then this should fix all the issues I’m having.

@DaleMarsh yeah your gonna have to call or email remote services that handles TAC registrations there are a few issues
81222 Has no middle name and no DOB
31202 Has middle name and DOB

@DonovanMcNeil would you happen to know a phone number or a good email address I could use to get in contact with remote services?

I have a lead for that in SUAC - let me check @CaroleGuevara

@DaleMarsh I will send you a contact in a Private message - Watch avatar at top right for aa green circle with a 1 in it

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