Multiple BSA Numbers (again, sorry)

I have two scouts who have two accounts on SB with 2 BSA numbers. I have been working with our local Council and they stated the transfers were done correctly. ?

Scout 1:

Old BSA number: 11629330

New BSA assigned by our council: 136571871

Scout 2:
Old BSA number: 1875891

New BSA Assigned by our council: 12716048

Can someone help with this?

@JamieHaller you need to check your numbers as 3 are wrong - I figured out Scout 1 - but #2 has one adult is all

Not 100 percent following.

I have confirmed that both BSA numbers for #2 are correctly typed. SB user ID are 137122028 (old) and new 136571850.

No Troop info yet, need AOL and Cub info crossed over.

These are BSA #s not SB User IDs - this is fixed now

Oh! Going forward, would you prefer I list the SB ID number instead of BSA number?

I appreciate your help, thank you so much.

Well whatever number it is - it needs to be labeled correctly.

Oh my! I see what you are saying. That was totally my error. (I blame lack of coffee) Sorry!

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