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Transfer if ScoutBook account between Councils

Last year one of our new AOL recruits from a different Council joined our Troop and as instructed, transfered the Scout’s account to our Scoutbook system with his BSA ID and Cub Scout record in tact.

However, his parents did not register with the Troop and submit forms to Council, so come recharter time he was dropped and his account disappeared. The parents submitted new forms to the new Council and the administrator created a new account with a new number which did not have any of his records from the past year in Scouts or Cubs…it was essentually a blank slate.

As a Troop admin. I found his old BSA ID and used it to re connect his old account with the Troop’s system. That was easy to do using the transfer Scout function. I emailed the Administrator at our Council and told him what I has done and I indicated to him what the Scout’s previous BSA ID had been. However, his response was that he did not show the Scout in his records under that number and that the Scout would need to start over under the new number.

I know that it’s a long story, but stick with me…Is it true that the current Council is not able to transfer in a Scouts BSA numbers from other Councils? Or, is there some kind of work around that allows the Scout to keep his Cub Scout Records?

I ask because there are other Scouts that came from the same Pack and Council and their accounts seem fine.

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Our council managed to transfer in a cub scout from another council just fine. It took longer than an intra-council transfer (> 2 months before everything was squared away), but it did happen. All of his previous advancement came along for the ride.

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I’ve always heard the the bsa member numbers do not cross council lines. Maybe there are ways around that, but I suspect with significant manual effort.

I’d email scoutbook.support@scouting.org and ask them to change the bsa member number in the original account to the number the scout is now registered with in your council.

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