Multiple ID's causing missing training for leader

I have a leader that has multiple id’s due to changing last name.
Current BSA ID number- 137098874
Please look under old last name of [name removed by Moderator]
You guys are awesome

@TrentWhite I am checking…

@TrentWhite I found 3 BSA member numbers for her. I did not find any under the old last name.
129221764 is the BSA member number she should be using.

The active number in Scoutbook and on the charter is 137098874. Could you combine everything under that one?

All her registrations are under 129221764 - there are none under 137098874 - Scoutbook does not matter for this - does

It looks like @JenniferOlinger already fixed this

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so the 1764 number is the one that shows up for my.scouting but how do I get her scoutbook BSA number to match up so there’s no more confusion?

nevermind. it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks again for the help!

@TrentWhite SB is already fixed

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