One Leader - Two BSA Member Numbers

Our Pack has a Leader who has two BSA Member IDs and we think that is the reason she is having difficulty signing in. Can you look into this and let us know which ID she should use.

She has training completed and does not want to lose that
13988122 <–She sees this in
136550553 ← We see this in Scoutbook when viewing here profile

Thanks in advance


The user had 2 Scoutbook IDs. I have merged them. She needs to log in to Scoutbook using the Apple ID button.

The DOBs differed by 1 day which prevented the system from matching the accounts. Have the user check her DOB in Scoutbook and if wrong, ask the Council to change it.

Note: this individual has no registered positions. You will need to contact your Council if you believe she should be registered.

We also have an issue with a leader in Scoutbook with a similar issue.

One USER ID ----->12042575, No Member ID.
Second USER ID ----> UserID 11979388 & BSA #13935835. This member ID was originally connected to the Baltimore (MD) Council, but is now connected to Nation’s Capital.

Thank you in advance!

We need one account, and for that account to be placed back under Baltimore Council.

@AndrewSchiffmacher This should be fixed. She needs to log in with her Google name and Google password.

@AndrewSchiffmacher 14075455 is the BSA member number associated with her Baltimore Area Council registration.

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