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Internet Advancement Issues - Error

I have been posting about this error since the switch to Internet Advancement started. I have posted half a dozen times on here about it and sent in a help desk ticket. None have even suggested a solution for my issue. Please help!

When I try to access the Activity Logs for myself or my Son, i get the following error


Unable to find the person for the given GUID

Any idea how to get past this. I have stuff to log in.

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send in email to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org - include your name, BSA #, Unit with the issue, Council - and of course explain the issue

I did that and no one as responded in 2 weeks to the request. I was hoping to get a help desk phone number if they have one.

do you have the ticket number they sent back SSD-#######

972-580-2000 - and go to Membercare

well you sent email to myscouting@scouting - that is super slow you will have much better luck doing what I said above.

I will give that a try. Thanks

post the number and I will nudge developers on it once in the SB side of JIRA

OK it randomly started working

Now it says i do not have the rights to access my own, or my sons.

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I did not know that screen still existed - like I said send the email

Just did. thanks for your help. SSD-103924

I am kind of wondering if you have 2 BSA #s also

I have 1 BSA number but I have 2 my.scouting accounts, both with the same number

really - how did that happen

merged past numbers maybe?

I have no idea, and I contacted support months ago to consolidate them and they didnt seem to understand the issue. One says I have YPT the other does not.


I guess they are different. The second one is the one I want to keep.

I think my initial login issue was that I was signing in to scoutbook with the wrong account