Multiple Member ID with missing Eagle info

Hi We have a adult scouter with multiple member ids 13478862, 13666867, 14194073. Member ID 14194073 is his current registration. He may have others from another council 497. Can you please “merge” all member ids. The main problem is he earned his Eagle Rank back in 2001 and it showed up in the last council but not showing up within his current council. National was unable to help and hoping this merging of accounts might bump the info over. Any help would be appreciated!

Eagle does not travel - it stays with original MID (BSA#) - all the MIDs are under management for the user

Ok, that makes sense. National told me they would have to complete an Eagle Form for our council and make up the dates not known, sounded kind of weird. Would it be possible to confirm all of his old MIDS are viewable to him and as “merged” as possible.
Here is a list he gave me…

11016821 from Juniata Valley Council. This should have the Eagle info in it but I can’t see it in a report - his words
13478862 from National Capital Area Council
13666867 from Pine Tree Council
14194073 from Tidewater, set as primary. ( this is the current MID)

The user seems to know how to use Manage Member ID in as all the MIDs are there already. There is very little data that can be seen from it.

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 8.06.11 AM