Merge profiles

Need these profiles merged: 11394160 and 445055

@graywh that is fixed - please define what the numbers are for us next time

Same thing appears to be happening to me too. I have an ID of 110327910 , that apparently was created by the council I was in as a Scout – 30 years ago! – and I am a new adult leader in my kids’ Cub Scout pack, and when I submitted my application with the number above, I was given a new number of 14364785 . The first number shows the fact I’m an Eagle, and shows nothing about my current activity as an adult leader, while the second number shows my leader status, and even my OA status, but no mention of my being an Eagle. The new number appears to be the most useful, but it would be nice to have my Eagle status shown. Can these BSA ID accounts be merged? Would merging them mess up my access as a den assistant?
Thank you in advance for your help.

They can’t be merged. Since they are in different councils (I assume) one can’t even be “retired”. You only get to see your eagle if you make the eagle one primary. I hope this is improved in the future, but no one in the know has even hinted at it.

Ok. Thank you for letting me know! Perhaps in the future, but for now, I can live with it. :grin:

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

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Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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