BSA ID Number not matching under new council

Hello. I have 3 BSA numbers:

14124228 (Current Council) - set as primary on my.scouting

I received my Eagle in October. I moved to another council and reregistered (last unit did not recharter me), the current council processed my application. I made sure to set it as my primary member ID. However, when it syncs to scoutbook, it is wiped out. Like I am a brand new scout. I contacted my council and they said they aren’t sure. What can I do so my advancements switch over?


I’ll look into this for you.


This is fixed. The problem occurred because your 135274498 MID has your middle name while your 14124228 only has your middle initial. Because of the differences, the system treated you like 2 people when it tried to match your Scoutbook account.

I have merged your accounts so your new MID is on the account with all of your advancement. You will probably have to go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Edit Profile and change your current Council and District.


I also recommend contacting your current council and asking them to fix your middle name.

Oh. Wow. Thank you so much. It already shows. I appreciate your help

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