Manage Member ID - Unable to link IDs

NCAC scouter formerly registered as youth trying to register as adult - not currently registered

Did YPT in my.scouting with account with ID 13757992 (not sure he was ever registered with this ID)
Tried to add youth/Eagle ID 108316344 using Manage Member ID with no success (not sure that my.scouting account was ever set up for this ID)
Would like 108316344 to be primary/registered ID, but the online application system will not recognize.

Can you link the youth ID to the my.scouting account?


These appear to be 2 different people as they have completely different Dates of Birth, month, day and year all mismatch.

In order for Manage Member ID to work the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Date of Birth must all match.

Please check these IDs as I suspect they are actually father and son.

Thank you, I was told that the DOB had been fixed. Will follow up with council.


Note also only 1 of the Member IDs have a Middle Name. Council should fix that as well. After these two changes are made, the member will be able to use Manage Member ID.

Another issue that we are trying to reconcile:

Scouter registered in NCAC with BSA ID 12628652

My.scouting account shows member ID as Gulf Coast Council (773) 12628652
He was registered in that council in the past 5 or so years

We think that he was also registered in Pikes Peak Council with ID 12628652 in 2018

He has tried to link all of these to consolidate training records using Manage Member ID with no success. Can you check these records to see if we can figure out what is going on?

We find it odd that he has had the same ID in all three councils.

@MaryAbe no there are 4 MIDS - 135958589, 12628652, 13834310, 11008702 - the last one you can probably not merge as it only has middle initial

In Manage Member ID it asks for the council/location. How do we find which ID is in which council?

Forgot that
135958589 = 060 = Pathway Rockies
13834310 = 082 = National Capital
11008702 = 524 = Penn Dutch (this has middle initial )