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Parents being listed as Unit Leaders within an individual scouts connections

We found this out be accident. When going into a scouts connections, every parent that is part of the troop shows up as a unit leader. My concern is that we have too many people with access to the scouts information. I haven’t been able to test this and aside from deleting every bad connection in every scouts record (doesn’t show up in the troop connections page) I’m not sure how to fix it.

My major concern is that there is a major leakage of information.

What permissions do they have? View profile allows you to see little more than the scouts name.

Aside from that, scoutbook does not automatically add parents with connections to scouts who are not their own. Someone MYST have set it that way… whether interest tip ally or accidentally, possibly using the feature assistant extension.

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When you say unit leader, do you mean permission set to “Full Control”, or is the unit leader box ticked in the connection? Those are substantially different, but have been confused in posts by others.

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