Multiple Roles, Limited Access

Greetings! I am a new Cubmaster, adding to my existing Den Leader role. I can see in Scoutbook that I’ve been added as Cubmaster and Pack Admin, but in the new IA Site, I cannot do anything with scouts who are not in my den as they are greyed out. I am trying to rank up the dens. The upper right drop down says I am Den Leader and 1 other role, which may or may not be my parent role which also shows up in the list.

How do I get IA to recognize my Cubmaster role? Thanks!


@PhillipKancianic - Was that position assigned to you in The positions in scoutbook are not reflected back there.

@PhillipKancianic you might be CM in SB but you are not registered as CM - your COR can solve that at > roster - or you need to fill out a new application

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No, CM isn’t reflected in my.scouting. Thanks.

Thank you, appreciate the info!

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