Parent account hanging at security question

Hello team,

Could you please help a parent that is unable to login into Scoutbook? I advise MyScouting, but seems still an issue to go into Scoutbook.

Reply from parent:
I can get into no problem. But there is no option to switch to scoutbook. My account is copied below. I’ve reset all my security questions, and tried to get into scoutbook with no success. There’s a password reset option that I can get to, but ultimately it gets hung up and doesn’t show my security questions.

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There is a BOT in lower Right of that can get them past that

@MaiTran The issue is that the parent has 2 my.scouting user names.

He should be logging in with the user name that is the part before @ in his e-mail address - not his e-mail.

He should be using the same user name to log in at my.scouting and at Scoutbook.

Here is the link for him to log in directly at Scoutbook:

Thank you for the quick responses!

Parent’s reply on his tries:
I can get I to and I can use the bot. But the bot cannot help me with getting into scoutbook. It doesn’t even recognize the words scout book.

My login to my.scouting is different than my login at scoutbook. I’m thinking they are duplicate accounts that are not talking to one another.

I think someone has to relink my accounts.

My login at my.scouting is XXXXXXXXXX

It is not my email address.

Hope this helps.

@MaiTran The BSA uses Single Sign On (SSO), which means that the parent should be using the same user name and password at my.scouting and Scoutbook.

If he is able to log in at my.scouting, then he should use the same user name and password to log in to Scoutbook. Based on what I can see, the parent was able to log in to Scoutbook last night. If he is able to log in at my.scouting, then he doesn’t need to use the chatbot to reset the password any more.

Yes, the parent had two Scoutbook accounts, but I merged them yesterday.

His my.scouting user name is already linked to his Scoutbook account.

Thanks Jennifer.
I sent the message and asked the parent to try again.

In the meantime, I checked in Scoutbook and the icon (orange/gray chain) does not show that it has been linked/logged. If the parent was able to log in to Scoutbook last night, then should this icon show linked together?

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