Can't login

Trying to login and can’t. Sits and spins and spins.

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I have seen that happen related to the reCaptch stuff not loading and logging in before that loads. I had someone have success switching from the BSA login to one of the other login types like Google.

Try an incognito window

I am also still having the same problem.

I have AGAIN for the third time this month alone been assigned a new scoutbook BSA # that is not linked to any of my training and thus can no longer sign in to my.scouting.

I am the Committee Chair for my pack and have been working with our council and scoutbook support but it is INCREDIBLY frustrating. We are all volunteers who are trying to give a great experience to our scouts and families and lately all we do is database (scoutbook) management. Please fix whatever issue allows people to be assigned new scoutbook BSA #'s seemingly at random.


You have multiple BSA member IDs. I’ll send you a private message. Look for the green dot with number on the green circle with white L in the upper right of your forum window.

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