My scoutbook account is blank - transferred to new council/new BSA #

I made the jump from Trans Atlantic Council to Far East Council. I have a different BSA number for each. In I went in and swapped my primary account to the new number. All my info is there and good.

However, when I log into Scoutbook, my account is blank (with the new BSA number) and I’m assigned to Puerto Rico for some reason. Any ideas how to get my scoutbook account back?

Update, I was able to assign myself to my council, but I have zero connections. So I can’t see my pack.

If you post your BSA#'s we can take a look

BSA number TAC: 3213323521

BSA number FEC: 137294194

Far East Council is where I currently am.

OK I think this is fixed for you

I’m having a similar issue with an adult who came from another council.

BSA # Daniel Boone Council (current membership/new council): 137391263
BSA# Tuscarora Council (old council): 8767011

This is the message I received from the parent.

“I have the account active from Tuscarora, but it also has a number from being [redacted]'s dad in Daniel Boone. The Tuscarora council is from when I was a scout. I guess I just need them merged because Of the two numbers. I just didn’t want to lose all the achievement stuff attached to my profile.”


@AndrewBrewer log in for this user should be good now - and all data is fine and safe

Thank you! Looks good from my end.

Thank you! The parent was able to connect right away