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Scout Record randomly blank

In previous years one of my scouts had two different scoutbook accounts. Our Pack worked to have his old account tranferred over form previous unit and have the new account closed to fix this issue. But now he his account is without any advancements or information. He can no longer log in.

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What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

The BSA# is 136887930. Our Advancement chair has been going back in to enter data since he was with our Pack but previous data has been lost and we cannot determine if we have missed something.

This looks like a case where Scout C.C. moved from council A to council B, and a new Scoutbook account was created, because C.C.'s middle name did not match between the two registrations (middle name is blank in council B).

You appear to be connected to both of C.C.'s Scoutbook accounts. You should be able to access the other account by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Then click on CC’s name, and click on C.C.'s Membership. Then add a new Membership in the correct den / pack. Also, make sure the membership is “position approved”.

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Hello Jennifer,

Thank you that worked but now it seems the issue is that the new profile was never deleted. The new profile is the one that has been linked to my pack, so I have no access to update the Account for C.C. with his old account. Is there a way for his accounts to be merged after I generate a report of both accounts? That way if data is lost I can re input it into the system?


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