Transfer issues galore!

My Scoutbook account has been riddled with problems for over a year and a half. When I transferred from Transatlantic Council to Pikes Peak Council in 2019, there were three different BSA numbers associated under my name. After numerous visits with the customer service representative at council HQ, we eventually got down to one BSA number, but there are still errors that prevent assigning me to a unit and any leader position. Both the council representative and the Scoutmaster have reached out to National for help, but it seems that nothing is being done.

Currently, my account will not allow me to be assigned to the troop committee or any leader positions. I have submitted and resubmitted countless Adult Leader applications and Merit Badge Counselor applications over the past year and a half, but everything keeps getting lost in the system after it is manually entered by the council representative.

Ever since my son joined Scouts as a Tiger Cub, I have successfully been registered year after year in several Den Leader positions, Cubmaster positions, Committee appointments and as a Unit Commissioner. I have numerous pages of position-specific training completions as well as other leadership courses on the website, to include a current YPT certificate. However, none of the “Trained” icons that normally appear on my profile are showing.

We are a military family that moves routinely, so the unit transfer process is something I am very experienced with, however, the most recent transfer issues and all of the problems associated with my Scoutbook account have went beyond frustrating!

Currently, I cannot function online as a merit badge counselor. I cannot serve or support 2-deep leadership and I cannot chaperone Summer Camp with my son’s troop because my adult registration and Scoutbook account is stuck in limbo. I am so close to throwing in the towel and spending my time on something else. Any help would be appreciated.

BSA # 13656283

OK - First off thanks for your Service. I found 4 BSA # for you and I put them in Management for you - you can see it under - Manage Member ID

I would first suggest going to and logging in using your log in. Then we can proceed from there to start working things out. You will likely not see much of anything

I found a few SB accounts and have merged them to the Colorado one - I see no reason why council cannot get you registered though


Thank you for the quick response.

I went in and saw the four accounts you mentioned. This has occurred numerous times. Every time we remove all of the old accounts, a few weeks later they reappear.

The member ID 13656283 should be the primary account. Somewhere along the way, those other three accounts are what seem to be causing the issue.

they should have no effect - hopefully soon MIDs will be universal and transferable - your council cannot see or interact with the other ones

The Council Customer Service Representative, as well as the Scoutmaster and the Committee Chair for Troop 79 have all tried to enter me as a merit badge counselor and a committee member. Every time they try, they get an error that prevents them from doing anything.

You will get a BSA member number in each council, because they are not currently transferable between councils. You want to keep all of your BSA member numbers on your my.scouting account, because they have your training attached to them.

Your council has to register you as a Merit Badge Counselor in ScoutNET. MBCs cannot be manually added in Scoutbook.

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tried in Scoutbook or has the Council tried in ScoutNET? And if they got an error did they submit a ticket to national? if so can you get the number?

OK, so it sounds like the person at Council is giving me conflicting information. I was told to go in and set my Pikes Peak membership as the primary, then remove all of the others. I was told about a year ago that several calls to national had been made, but they will not share any ticket numbers or contact information with me.

The Scoutmaster for Troop 79 took a half-day off work last week and went to council to try to fix this but was unsuccessful. I would assume that everything is being entered into the proper websites and apps, because we are dealing with scouters with several years of experience.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

We would love to hear how this is resolved.

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