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My.Scouting Membership vs Scoutbook

How long after my.scouting membership is updated from Re-charter does it take scoutbook to have the pack roster updated?
Currently people and scouts that are no longer on my.scouting are still listed in scoutbook

Usually about a day.

I turned in our charter paperwork to our WE on March 13 before she retired and everything went crazy.
Our charter expired on March 31.
I just checked Scoutbook on April 2 and everything was updated.
Now If I have a quwstion. What type of paper do you use to print off the membership cards?
Hope this helps. Thank you.

@jacobfetzer ok and if it does not is there a way to resync it or just give it time. I have 9 scouts in an inactive den and they are still there an none re-chartered. I also have leaders that are still in Scoutbook that are not in my.scouting any more. It did update the leaders roles and add new leaders just has not removed anyone

The membership sync does not remove scouts who have the position approved box (on their membership) unchecked. The same is true for adults and their positions. The easiest option is probably just to add an end date.

@jacobfetzer I just removed 9 scouts… All had the position approved Box checked and where in my non active den. Frustrating when it does not work right LOL

I know have a leader though that is not showing that her info is automatically connected to the database anything to do for that or just let time see if they catch each other.

What are you seeing for that adult leader?


I’m not sure what you mean by this? What were you expecting to see?

Sorry IN the role this is what i see

This is what i expect to see

The text i was told is what syncs the databases together so by not seing it dont see the connection

That text is an indicator that the sync is what originally brought the position into scoutbook. If it already existed in a Scoutbook, you won’t see that.

Ohh ok so she should be good then?

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Yes, I think so…

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