ScoutBook and IA not syncing with my.scouting roster

The roster at my.scouting is showing the correct roster since the recharter was completed. ScoutBook and IA are not showing the latest roster.

When will this issue be resolved?

Are they not showing new members? or still showing old members - Old members have a 60 day (I think) grace period in Scoutbook - you can manually end the memberships in Scoutbook. @RussellStodieck

Still showing old members… last years roster…

Has your charter been fully processed? A key three member can go and pull your charter cert. if the end date isn’t about a year from now, your charter still hasn’t been fully processed. Until then, it will show your old roster.

Where to you go to pull the charter cert?

my.scouting>menu>Click on the unit>Organization Manager>Download Charter Certificate

You have to at least be a key 3. I’m not sure if key 3 or COR delegates can also pull this.

Thanks… I did not see it on the upper right. Even though it says through Dec 31, 2022, it does not have our new Charter Organization… Friends of Troop 64. Still shows Genesis United Methodist Church…

Roster is still not correct on IA or Scoutbook.

I just checked… Scout roster is now correct on IA and Scoutbook. However, Adults roster is still incorrect on Scoutbook.

End the positions / membership for those no longer in your unit.

Is it correct once you do that?

I will give it a go… Thanks!

Where exactly do I end the position?

I figured it out and that worked. Thanks Matt…

FYI, I don’t know about COR Delegates, but as a K3D, I was able to pull up our unit’s charter certificate.

No problem. You can end the membership of Scouts that dropped too.

Once you do that, do the rosters match? That is, have anyone that was new, were they “auto added”?