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Help with merging Scouts

I added this to a previous discussion, but received no follow up. I need to get this resolved somehow.

I have an issue with 2 Scouts whose last names were hyphenated on the application, but the registrar said she couldn’t use hyphens when entering. So in Scoutbook I removed the hyphens from the Scout’s names but they still didn’t sync up.

After I had spoken to the registrar, she added the hyphens in… I confirmed in my.scouting roster. But that didn’t sync into Scoutbook. I’ve no idea what to do now.

What are my options here? Mom is already linked to both kids that I entered before the application was processed and they’ve completed their Bobcat badge requirements.

Is the correct BSA ID number present under Edit Profile?

Have you tried going to the Scout’s Membership page, click on the Scout’s current membership, uncheck the box next to “Position Approved”, then Update. Then repeat and approve the position?

When I entered the Scouts, I did not have BSA IDs. For all my other scouts, once they were added by the registrar, after 24 hours of showing up in Scoutbook, they sync’d to the records I’d added.

Which one would you want me to check and uncheck the position approved for? The imported ones or the ones I created?

I think that you will need to e-mail Scoutbook Support and request that they merge the accounts for you.

Please be sure to include the Scouts’ full names, BSA ID numbers (if known), your pack number, and your council name.

Also, when you contact support, make sure that you specify which account’s advancement to retain. Advancement does not merge when accounts are merged. You may want to save copies of the Cub Scout History report so that you can re-enter any advancement already completed in case of a problem.

I will contact support tonight. As for the advancements, it’s not the end of the world, just their Bobcat badge, which has not been awarded yet. Thanks.

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