Online Registration Error for Adult

I have another adult trying to register using the online system and getting the same error as previous adults with multiple numbers.

Her primary with the current Council (GLAAC) is 137371108,
She was with a previous Council (WLAAC), and found following MID’s 13002002 and 13001993.
She also appears to have two My.Scouting Accounts.

Looking for assistance in this matter, Thank you.

Hello all,
Still looking for assistance on this matter. Really would like to help this adult become registered.

@LeahGrossi what is the error she is getting?

Get following error

It happens after the background check filled out.
Something went wrong
following keywords unknown will be ignored Max Min value: invalid request

OK I reported it to that Development team. No idea when a fix will be, so maybe go to paper app.

This seems to be a common error and happens when they have multiple numbers for some reason. I tried to fix by having them log on and make sure the primary was the same, etc.
Have a good week.

is the primary the same council?

Yes, made the primary GLACC. That is where the troop is she is trying to register for.

I am having her try again, in case the system was being finicky after put all the MID’s and on the My.Scouting account, confirmed primary, etc. over the weekend.
If it doesn’t work, we will move over to the paper app.


She has 2 IDs. Have her try registering by logging in to with her google ID (use the Google login button). This ID only has the one BSA Member ID recorded.

I believe we tried that originally. Then found the other my.scouting account, added the GLAAC MID to that one as primary too.
I will have her try again, I think she is at work. It may be a day before I get back to all.
Thank you

Two other things to try if you still get the error.

On the google ID my.scouting.account, fix the phone number so that it starts with 1 not 001.
On the other ID, fix the phone number so that it is 10, not 7 digits.

Thank you,
will let you know

Sadly she gave up and is going to submit a paper application. I am guessing we may still have issues since I am not sure she corrected the inconsistancies.