My.Scouting Reports

Something is going on with the reports…they both “Export to PDF” & “Export to CSV” are downloading the files as .txt files instead. Help!

@WaldemarTirado it helps to know exactly what reports you were running. I ran both the District Contact Stats and the Assigned / Unassigned Units reports and both exported properly.

Plus, make sure you are using the Chrome or Edge browsers, and that you are browsing using the Incognito or InPrivate browsing tabs.

I am trying to download the “District Contact Report” from Training Manager Reports.

I am using Chrome. I went incognito and it worked correctly. I have never had to do that before.

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That’s the secret to things working 99-44/100ths of the time. There is not leftover “cruft” in your browser when you use Incognito mode!

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Thank you I appreciate the response!!!

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