Unable to see units in training manager and application manager gives error

Im an asst district Commissioner in Pathway to Adventure Council.
Im in 2 district (unit Commissioner in my secondary).

On the android app for my scouting:
The training manager will not pull a unit list for either district. I see just the district pie chart and info on those on district charter.

Application manager about a week ago stopped showing units with applications and now gives error message
!Failed to fetch some of rhe applications

Any idea how to fix?

  1. Have you made sure your district registration has been processed?
  2. Have you tested on a desktop computer to see if you get the same results?

1 - reply - My DE says im set up correctly as a ADC and UC. I see that my positions go in my.scouting.org till the last day of june in 2024 (thats when our council, PTAC, has their district charters set to.

The DE said all mobile app support is thru national and directed me to these forums.

2 - reply - I can get data thru the website. Its the android app for my scouting that has “lost” functionality.
The application manager on the android app was working fine till about feb 28. Council at about the same time coincidentally removes all the units and people who havent paid about 60 days after January 1st. They are all dropped before march 1st.

The training manager on the android app for my.scouting worked great until summer of 2023. Then one district was working good and one district wasnt. Eventually both districts were unable to pull and display the unit list. We have about 25 to 35 units per district.

Now i just see via the app training manager the pie charts for district, and can search training on district roster people.

If i want to see training or ypt info on a unit, or a person in a unit, i need to use the website my.scouting.org thru my android phones chrome browser . This does work until after 20 or 25 minutes when the report function “hangs” and i get a white screen.

I hope this helps answer your questions.

In the “commissioner” section of the my.scouting app - when you go into “view units” - have you tried the “dashboard” button? That gives you the same information as the Unit Dashboard on my.scouting.org - and things like looking up YPT for the leaders is as simple as clicking on the “Volunteer Leadership” section.

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I see that the volunteer leadership under commissioner tab in the app is an alternate way to see the unit training summary info. It shows a bar graph vs a pie chart.

It does not give particulars from that on which adults are not trained or trained. Just a number like 1 out of 7 leaders fully trained.

And from that volunteer leadership, you can not see an individual training record, search per class, or add training to an individual.

Is the my.scouting android app training manager broken for all bsa or just Pathway to Adventure council?

The mobile apps are not meant to be as detailed as the desktop app. If you are one the desktop version, you can download an untrained leader report from the dashboard - but the mobile version is not meant to do everything you can do on the desktop.

Now, in Training Manager, below the pie charts is a bar that says “Add/Search Training,” from there you can search for a volunteer to see their training record.

Do you not see the “Add/Search Training” bar at the bottom in Training Manager?

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On the android app, training manager. I do see the search. It only finds people on district charter. It will not find people at the troop or pack level unless they are a multi at district.

The interface is nice for searching

In the last year, i was able to do this for a person at the unit level. Now since the app (whether its just me, or just my district, or just my council, or all of bsa) training manager is broken and wont show units, my only option is to use the website to see info on a scouter at a unit.

It would be nice to do it thru the app. Maybe an older version of the app has a fully functioning training manager?

Let me send an email to the BSA IT folks and see when & why this changed.

More information on Monday.