My.Scouting tools sandbox or current documentation?

Trying to help CC find the contact information for our Scouts parents. Scoutbook contact information is out of date.

The documentation I found and provided to her, she says the options don’t exist anymore.

Is there a my.scouting sandbox that I can utilize to look at what she is seeing? Otherwise current documentation on how to view the roster and parent contact information?

@DaveBuckley - it is listed as Roster under the unit section.

She has mentioned looking at the Roster but not seeing how to view contact info there.

All of the documentation I find is related to Member Manager which I understand has been replaced.

Am assuming its something easy she is overlooking. However its hard to point her where to look/check without something like a sandbox or current documentation on the active tools.

@DaveBuckley - there is an export roster above the list of names in the gray header… from left to right it is transfer, compose, print, edit profile, export and filter