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I have a scout that has been on my Scoutbook roster since March. I’ve entered him in for rank advancement, sent his parents messages through Scoutbook etc. Then, when I was printing MB pocket certificates today for an upcoming COH, his certificate was missing. When I logged back in to Scoutbook I discovered he is missing from our roster despite being there on Thursday. His parents are also missing from our message system. I did a search in my connections and he shows up! However, when I click on him, a different scout’s name shows up. So strange! Should I transfer him in again?

@HollySutcliffe - when you click on the scout do you see some basin info like edit profile and membership ? If so click on the membership line and see if there is an end date on the past membership. You can as far as i recall remove that end date.

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Hi, @HollySutcliffe,

At the risk of asking about something you’ve already checked, it’s this scout showing up on your official roster at in the Member Manager?

You generally need to be one of the unit Key 3 (SM, CC, COR), or designated in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting as a Key 3 Delegate, Unit Advancement Chair, or Membership Inquiry to check the official roster.

If the scout it’s missing there, his or her paperwork may not have been processed yet by the registrar. I would start at my.scouting.

ETA: I should have been a bit clearer about my advice. @Stephen_Hornak’s suggestion has the best likelihood of quickly “recovering” the scout so that he can be restored to your roster. My suggestion was aimed more at trying to diagnose what is often the underlying cause: a mismatch between the official and Scoutbook rosters.

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Thank you for the information. So helpful! I will check with our membership chair tomorrow. It is probably something related to that. I was able to see the basic info when I click on my connection link with the scout as suggested by Stephen Hornak and saw an end date of 6/20… I was able to remove the date but I will check to make sure he is registered correctly with the Membership Chair. Thanks so much!

Thank you!! That worked! I will follow up to make sure the scout’s registration is correct but your advice really helped to recapture him in the Scoutbook roster. Many thanks!


I suggest you also change the Scout’s Start Date so that the Scout is not removed when Member Update runs tonight. Since the Scout was removed on 6/20, I suspect the start date was around 3/20 (90 days ago.) Changing the start date will not have any impact on the Scout’s advancement.

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